Corporate Social Responsibility


Serving our local community and making positive impact on people’s lives plays a big part of the culture in Bluehands.  This is one of the biggest passion of our Director, Lawrence Yau, who has served in different leadership positions of a few Lions Clubs for over 10 years.


As a young parent himself, Lawrence has always been looking for different ways to educate and inspire our young future leaders.  It is not surprising that his latest focus in the charity space is co-founding a brand new young family oriented club, Lions Club of Melbourne Next Gen.  The predominant focus of the club is to provide young children a platform to learn about ways that they can lead the way to serve our community while having a lot of fun.  Personal development also plays a big part in the club where children can learn about different positive values in order to maximise their potentials!

Here’s more info about Lions Clubs International (, Lions Club of Melbourne Next Gen (


Being a businessman and bilingual, Lawrence also sees the importance and power of communication.  Language is the first step in understanding different culture and breaking barriers between people.  This is the reason why he accepted the invitation to be one of the founding directors for the Bilingual Education Foundation Australia (BEFA).


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Coaching & Mentorship


Besides the passion to help young children, Lawrence has also been able to add value to people’s lives by providing effective mentorship.  This doesn’t only allow him to utilize all that he’s learnt from top coaches around the world to help others, but also build up a great network of people who share very similar values as himself.